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Trailer Drop Axle

Trailer Drop Axles

Drop Beam Axle

3500 lb Trailer Axles

1000 kg Trailer Axle

5200 lb Trailer Axles

1450 kg Trailer Axle

7000 lb Trailer Axles

2000 kg Trailer Axle

Trailer Drop axles come with a standard 4" drop. The drop axles are typically used on cargo, livestock, horse and some equipment trailers. Lowered axle beam provides lower deck height for easier loading and unloading. Trailer springs, u-bolts and hangers are not included.


l  Trailer drop axle allows the trailer to sit lower to the ground.

l  All axles are standard raw material, painted or galvanized are available.

l  Compatible with most trailer manufacturers’ axles.

l  Trailer drop axles are available in different capacities and sizes, customers need to provide the dimensions of axles, such as the lengths of overall, hub face and spring center.



Load Capacity

USA & Canada

3500 – 8000 lbs capacity, produced according to the customer’s requirements

Australia & New Zealand

1000 – 2000 kgs capacity, produced according to the customer’s  requirements