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How to Properly and Safely Operate the Brake?

Feb. 27, 2020

As a Hydraulic Trailer Brakes Wholesaler, share with you how to operate the brakes correctly and safely. Recently, the weather has been cold, and people must pay attention to safety when cycling on the road, not only the inconvenience caused by the cold weather, but also the safety of motor vehicles. Today, I saw a scene of a car accident, where a driver used the accelerator as a brake and stepped on it. A lady riding an electric vehicle was knocked to the ground. Fortunately, neither of them was very fast, just scratched. Now many novice drivers get into the car, encounter some emergency situations, and can't cope well, this will happen. when driving, when encountering a sudden dangerous situation, the braking measures that have to be taken to stop the car quickly are called emergency braking. The method is to quickly raise the accelerator pedal and immediately press down the brake pedal, and at the same time, pull the brakes quickly to stop the car quickly. This method not only causes serious damage to the tires and chassis components, but also easily causes tail flicks, which is not conducive to driving safety. Therefore, it must not be used as a last resort. The driver adopts early deceleration braking measures for parking according to his own purpose or according to the discovered conditions, which is called predictive braking.

In the machinery industry, there are many equipments. These equipments have very convenient functions in the production process. Some are not only convenient. In many cases, they are also very important. Pay attention to safety. Such as brakes. The brakes are generally installed in large-scale machinery and equipment, and emergency braking is required. Such as cars, cranes, etc.

The brake is a mechanical part that can stop or decelerate the machine during operation. It is also called a brake. It is mainly composed of brake parts, brake frames, and operating devices. Generally speaking, the Hydraulic Trailer Brakes will be installed. On the high-speed shaft of mechanical equipment, but for some machinery with high safety performance requirements, we generally install the hydraulic brake on the low-speed rotating shaft. In the process of use, pay attention to the regular inspection and maintenance of the electric hydraulic brake and add lubrication regularly.

Disc brakes are hydraulic and controlled by hydraulics. The main components are brake discs, sub-pumps, brake calipers, oil pipes, etc. The disc brake has fast heat dissipation, light-weight, simple structure, and convenient adjustment. Especially under high load, it has good high-temperature resistance performance, stable braking effect, and is not afraid of muddy water. When driving in winter and harsh road conditions, the disc brakes used by many cars include flat brake discs, punched brake discs and paddles. The linear brake disc, among which the braking effect and ventilation and heat dissipation ability of the line brake disc is relatively good.

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