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Trailer Axles with Disc Brakes Rotor

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Trailer Braked Axle

Trailer axles with disc brakes are sturdy and durable, and our products are very popular in Australia and New Zealand. These brakes have less parts and less maintenance, that’s the top choice for boat trailer and marine facilities. Trailer axles are available in different capacities and sizes, we can produce it according to customers’ requirements.


l  Straight trailer braked axle is suited for boat trailers, horse floats, caravans and box trailers.

l  All axles are standard raw material, painted or galvanized are available. The galvanized axles can offer best protection from corrosion and rust.

l  Hydraulic and mechanical disc brake calipers are hot dip galvanized. Hydraulic disc brake caliper has two materials, stainless steel and cast iron.

l  Completely assembled, bearings, grease seal and grease cap are included.


Axle Shape


Market:   Australia, New Zealand


Disc Brake


750 kg

1200 kg

1450 -1600 kg

2000 kg

2500 kg

Brake Type

Mechanical Disc

Mechanical Disc

Mechanical Disc

Mechanical Disc

Hydraulic Disc

Hydraulic Disc

Hydraulic Disc

Hydraulic Disc

Hydraulic Disc

Axle Size

39 mm

45 mm

50 mm

56 mm

65 mm





2.0 Tonne

3.0 Tonne


Product Composition

²  Axle with Mounting Flanges

²  Hydraulic/Mechanical Disc Brakes

²  Brake Disc Rotors

²  Inner & Outer Bearings

²  Inner& Outer Races

²  Grease Seals

²  Cotter Pins

²  Spindle Nuts

²  Spindle Washers

²  Bolts & Studs

²  Grease/Oil/Dust/Hub Cap