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Overlay or stepped axles will reduce the deck height by half the beam axle and spindle height combined and are useful where a minimal amount of lowering is required. It’s suited to the caravan industry and lowered deck trailers, such as car transporter trailers, horse floats, excavator or small mobile machinery. It is also a handy way of fitting a spindle to an axle tube where the internal dimensions of the axle tube do not suit the stub. Overlay/stepped axle has a lower center of gravity that can reduce the wind resistance and increase the stability of the trailer. 


l  Trailer overlay axle allows the trailer to sit lower to the ground.

l  All axles are standard raw material, painted or galvanized are available.

l  Compatible with most trailer manufacturers’ axles.

l  When used with an underslung spring setup, even more lowering is possible.


Load Capacity: 1000 – 2000 kgs capacity, produced according to the customer’s requirements

Dimensions: Trailer axles are available in different capacities and sizes, customers need to provide the dimensions of axles, such as the lengths of overall, hub face, spring center, etc.