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Torsion axles work by flexing rubber cords in the axle tube to create torsion and flex creating suspension for the trailer, they are typically used on cargo, livestock, horse and some equipment trailers. It’s easy to install and maintenance free, and it also facilitates the trailer to ride lower than regular leaf spring systems. We have a variety of trailer torsion axles ranging in different weight capacities.


l  Torsion axle provides more angular compliance, a better damping effect and a smoother ride.

l  All axles are standard raw material, painted or galvanized are available.

l  Compatible with most trailer manufacturers’ axles. There are both braked and unbraked axles for you to select.

l  Trailer torsion axles are available in different capacities and sizes, customers need to provide the dimensions of axles, such as the lengths of overall, hub face and spring center.

l  Compare with Leaf spring axles, the torsion axles haven’t metal on metal contact.



Load capacity

USA & Canada

600 – 12,000 lbs capacity, produced according to the customer’s requirements

Australia & New Zealand

100 – 2500 kgs capacity, produced according to the customer’s requirements

All axles are available unbraked or with the brake options.