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Trailer V-Bend Axle

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V-Bend Trailer Axle

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Trailer v-bend axle has the industry standard bend towards the center. This bend is ideal for deeper V boat hulls to prevent the damage while unloading and loading the boat. Galvanized trailer v-bend axles provide maximum corrosion resistance in saltwater applications and prolong the service life.


l  V-bend axle is used for boat trailers, the galvanized v-bend torsion axle is the common choice.

l  Compatible with most trailer manufacturers’ axles.

l  Axles come fully assembled.


Load Capacity: 1000 – 2000 kgs capacity, produced according to the customer’s requirements

Dimensions: Trailer axles are available in different capacities and sizes, customers need to provide the dimensions of axles, such as the lengths of overall, hub face, spring center, etc.