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9" x 1 3/4" Trailer Mechanical Brake Assembly

Mechanical Drum Brake

9 X 1.75 inch Drum

Trailer Mechanical Brakes

1200 KG

Mechanical Brake Set

1450 KG

with Handbrake    

Trailer Mechanical Backing Plate


9" mechanical trailer drum brake kit is suitable for caravans, camper trailers, boat trailers, horse floats and box trailers. The 9” mechanical brake assembly with lever brake has two identical shoes, there is no primary shoe or secondary shoe as in electrical brake assemblies. The recommended maximum load of 9” x 1.75” trailer mechanical brakes for 15”-16” wheel is 1200 kg, and 1450 kg for the axles of 13” and 14” wheel. It is worth noting that the matched drums have 5 or 6 bolt patterns. Most of 9 inch trailer mechanical backing plate wholesaler in Australia and New Zealand market.


l  Mechanical brakes are cheaper than hydraulic brakes.

l  Requires only a cable and levers. (sold separately) - no brake cylinder or hydraulic lines necessary.

l  E-coated backing plates resist wear and corrosion.

l  Fully Assembled; Quick and easy installation.

l  The 9" mechanical drum brake exchange with most axle brands including AL-KO, Bawa, and many others.


Ø  Dimension: 9 inch x 1 3/4 inch              

Ø  Axle Capability:  1200 kg Axle (15”/ 16” Wheel), 1450 kg Axle (13” / 14” Wheel)       

Ø  Mounting Flange Bolt Pattern: 4 Bolt

Ø  Brake Fit: Left Hand / Driver Side / LH, Right Hand / Passenger Side / RH

Product Composition

²  9” x 1 3/4" Brake Shoe Set x 1

²  9” E-Coated Back Plate x 1

²  Brake Adjuster x 1

²  Brake cable x 1

²  Springs x 2