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10" x 2 1/4" Trailer Electric Brake Assembly

Trailer brakes

Manual Adjustment

Trailer Backing Plates

Electric Backing Plates

10 x 2.25 inch drum

Electric Drum Brakes

3500 lb trailer axle

Trailer Axle Brakes

10'' electric brakes are usually work with the same size brake drum for 3.5k lbs trailer axles. Our factories produce these products in huge quantity and sold million pcs per year. 


l  10 inch electric brakes are easy to install and control.

l  Needs only an electric brake controller to work.

l  No need actuator or hydraulic lines.

l  E-coated backing plates resist corrosion.

l  Periodic manual adjustment required.

l  Brake mounting bolts are included.

l Electric brake assembly can exchange with most trailer axle 3500 lb, including Dexter, AL-KO, Hayes, and many others.


Ø  Dimension: 10 inch x 2 1/4 inch                       

Ø  Axle Capability: 3500 lbs Axle           

Ø  Mounting Flange Bolt Pattern: 4 bolts

Ø  Brake Fit: Left Hand / Driver Side / LH, Right Hand / Passenger Side / RH

Product Composition

Ø  10” x 2 1/4" Brake Shoe Set x 1

Ø   E-coat Backing Plate x 1

Ø  Green Wire Magnet x 1

Ø  Magnet Lever x 1

Ø  Springs x 2

Ø  Adjuster x 1