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Electric Drum Brake Installation

Mar. 04, 2019

As a kind of Trailer Electric Brake product, the installation of the Electric Drum Brake mainly has the following steps.Position the trailer on a stable and level working surface. If possible, leave the tow vehicle hooked to the trailer in order to limit movement as well as keeping the front end supported and level. If the trailer is not supported on the tow vehicle, it must be blocked directly to the ground at the frame/tongue junction.

1. Check Brake Mounting Flange 

To mount brakes to an axle, the axle must have brake flange welded to the axle. If your axle does not have flanges pre-welded to the axle, see a qualified technician to weld the plates to your axles. Improper welding can weaken the axle causing severe problems.

2. Brakes Installation Brakes are marked as "RIGHT" (RH) and "LEFT" (LH). The "LEFT" brake travels on the passenger's side of the trailer. Place the brake against brake flange with the adjustor wheel at the bottom. 

3. Installing Brake Drum 

After the brakes have been correctly assembled to the brake flanges, TAKE NOTE which direction the spoon needs to be moved in order to open the star wheel, mount the brake drum to the spindle. Check drum for surface ware. Replace any parts that show wear. Pack the inside bearing with suitable wheel bearing grease. 

4. Initial Adjustment of Brakes 

Adjust the brakes before removing the jacks. 

5. Connect Elecrical Wires

Electric brake controllers are required to be used with electric brakes. Follow the manufacturers installation and use instructions for setting up the brake controller with your tow vehicle and trailer.

Electric Drum Brake