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Two Types Of Brakes Commonly Used In Trailers

Mar. 07, 2019

The trailer brake manufacturer Yingtu introduces the two kinds of brakes commonly used in trailers, and hopes to help everyone.

Brakes currently used in vehicles generally come in two forms : Trailer Drum Brakes and trailer disc brake rotors. They all have their own advantages, but with the continuous increase in the speed of cars, the number of cars using disc brakes has increased in recent years.

Vehicle braking is the use of friction to convert kinetic energy into heat, which stops the vehicle from losing momentum. Therefore, heat dissipation is very important for the braking system. If the brake system is often at a high temperature, it will hinder the energy conversion process and cause a decrease in braking performance.

The faster the vehicle runs, the greater the heat generated by braking and the greater the impact on braking performance. Solving the problem of heat dissipation has a multiplier effect on improving the stability of the vehicle's braking effectiveness. Therefore, in addition to the use of aluminum alloy rims to reduce operating temperatures, the wheels of modern vehicles also tend to use Trailer Disc Brake Rotors with better heat dissipation performance.

Trailer Disc Brake Rotors