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Pre-use Inspection Techniques And Strategies For Trailer-mounted Motorhomes

Jun. 12, 2019

As a Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper Supplier, let's share with you the tips for pre-departure inspection of trailers.

Pre-departure check:

The first step in the safe travel of a towed RV is to check the front and rear cars. The contents are as follows:

Inspect the towed ball head to meet the specifications, the American ball head and the European ball head are different, remember not to be mixed;

After the inspection of the front and rear of the car is completed, as far as possible at the same level, the car tail is higher than the front of the car, so the braking impact is very large and dangerous;

After inspection, the vehicle legs and electric legs are all collected;

Check the anti-off safety chain lock in place;

Check the anti-off-car emergency electronic brake rope and securely buckle the safety part of the front car. This brake trigger rope cannot be wrapped around the rear car;

After inspection, the door, window, expansion, sunshade and gas tank lock are reliable;

Inspect the placement of easy-to-slide items in the car, remember to turn off the power supply in the car, and travel as far as possible, such as non-special circumstances, clear, gray, and black water tanks should not be fully loaded;

Trailer Stub Axle

Check the tire pressure, and reduce the tire pressure in the summer;

Check the lighting, whether the brake system before and after the test is normal, and the brakes on the wet and slippery roads in the winter and the rear brakes are properly biased to the front car, preventing the excessive power of the rear car from pushing the front car to bring out the control;

Check the rear vehicle weight, the rear vehicle weight pays attention to the weight distribution to the front, and the rear heavyweight will lead to loss of control and sway when swinging;

Check whether the driving assistance facilities such as reversing images are normal;

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