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Driving Skills Of Trailers

Jun. 17, 2019

Today, the Hydraulic Brake Caliper Manufacturer will share with you the driving skills of the trailer car.

When the RV travels, it is necessary to take a leisure tour, avoid fatigue driving, and keep the first speed when driving at an average speed;

Don't avoid the big throttle to start, while the fuel consumption is large, the luggage items of the rear car are also prone to collision and scattering;

Do not violently brake, try to stabilize the brakes as many times as possible, and drive smoothly;

Trailer Electric Brake Supplier recommends that the beveled road be slowed down to avoid the high speed of the beveled road and cause the car to sway at different levels of the wheel;

If the reversing position is possible, keep the left side of the rear car on the driving position side, so as to directly observe the reverse condition of the rear car;

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Parking skills:

Arrive at the destination or temporary parking camp, pay attention to the parking position, and will not block the distance of the front vehicle trailer because of other cars at the next departure, and affect the departure;

Pay attention to the horizontal position of the rear car, if the road is high and low, pay attention to the reliable stop of the tire;

Pay attention to the direction of the water and electricity interface, and keep the same side as far as possible between the hydroelectric interface and the external interface;

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