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RV Types

Sep. 02, 2019

Do you plan to have an RV trip? Home in your RV, you can explore the world and enjoy life with your family and friends. But there are many different RV types. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, how to find the right one which is much more suitable for you? Firstly, let's learn about the 11 popular types of RVs.

The motorized RVs and towable RVs have an engine, but the towable RVs have it. The towable RVs need a strong Towable RVs are great for short-time trips.

Class A Motorhomes

If you have enough budget and times, Need enough activities space, that's the best choice. Class A motorhome is like a large luxury bus. They sleep up to 6 people. Many class A motorhomes have slide-out sections to expand living space to make you feel at home. You can have large kitchens area, bathrooms area, entertainment area, king-size bed, a washer, and dryer, etc. You can dance in class A motorhome if you like.

Class B Motorhomes

Class B motorhomes are also called camper vans or conversion vans. This type includes a raised roof and dropped floor to provide the space. Then they can sleep up to 4 people and the kitchens, washrooms can be found. Class B motorhomes are small and easy to drive. They fit in a normal parking space the same as your average family car.

Class C Motorhomes

Class C motorhomes are more popular in the RV world. They hold numerous customers and can be found at different budgets standard. Class C motorhomes have all the amenities of any motorhome, and they built on truck or van chassis with its distinctive the cab under the Bunkbed, so they are more suitable for families of 4-6 or a couple. If you haven't a strong enough tow vehicle and want to feel the natural driving feeling, Class C motorhomes are perfect!

Travel Trailer

The travel trailers are the most common towable RVs and often very light that you can bring along with your car, SUV or pick-up truck. The travel trailers come in endless sizes, sharps, style, and layouts. These compact homes have lower ceilings and Hideaway beds and many features sections can be dreamed to suit your needs, such as an outdoor kitchen or a rooftop patio. The travel trailers can be expanded to be able to sleep up to 10 people.

Fifth-Wheel Trailer

The fifth-wheel trailer is the special towable RV that is constructed with a bed section over the truck. It is towed by a pick-up truck with a special "fifth wheel" hitch. The fifth-wheel trailers have high ceilings and lots of slide-out They can sleep up to 8 people. If you have a large truck and loves luxury and a higher level of maneuverability on the road, the Fifth wheels trailers are the best choice for you.

Hybrid Travel Trailer

The hybrid travel trailers are the mix between traditional travel trailer bodies and the sleeping slideouts of a tent camper trailer. They have hard-sided body and roof and can extend the canvas from one or both ends of the trailer. The hybrid travel trailers are more affordable It's wonderful that can sleep up to 10 people of using the multiple tents.

Folding/Tent/Popup Camper

The pop-up campers are also called by folding campers or tent campers. Because they can be collapsed for easy storage and transport, many families often bought as a first trailer. Pop-up camper has a partial canvas construction, it becomes a small package When it folds up, that' why we can tow it by virtually any car. They also can sleep up to 8 people after a mess area have been extended.

Truck Camper

The truck camper is designed to sit on the top of the truck bed with all the conveniences of a large RV. Limited by the spaces, they can sleep 4 people. The truck campers keep full advantages of your pick-up truck and give you the Benefits of a trailer. It's available to two anything else you want take-ups, such as a boat, ATV or snowmobile.

Toy Hauler

The toy hauler is the travel trailer RV with a large opening and ramp door in the rear mostly. It allows you to carry your four-wheeler, motorcycle, ATV, dirt bike or any other fun "toy" that you want on your perfect trips For most of the toy haulers, there are a living quarters with a kitchen and bed in front, and the rear is designed as a "cargo" area for your "toys". If you are an outdoor recreation lover or want to play your "toys" on the destinations, the toy haulers are the first choice!

Destination Travel Trailer

The destination travel trailers are similar to the large conventional travel trailers, but they are heavier and more homelike. When you've found a special place and plan to spend a season to live there, they are the best choice. The destination travel trailers are Towed by heavy-duty tow vehicle without a special highway permit. 

RV Types