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Necessary Safety Accessories For Hauling RV 1

May. 16, 2019

The biggest advantage of the Trailer is that it has full functionality, complete living facilities and affordable prices. Maintenance costs and depreciation rates are low due to lack of motivation. Complete specifications, large, medium and small and high school and low-end, so it is very popular among motorhome enthusiasts, users account for about 64% of total users of RV. Its shortcoming is that it is more difficult to drive when dragging, and it also has certain requirements on the power and carrying capacity of the trailer.

When driving by drag, some safety accessories are usually provided for safety. As a Trailer Electric Brake Supplier, we highlight three essential safety accessories:

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Weight distribution hook and rocking controller

The Travel Trailer has a certain amount of weight, especially at full load or when the RV is larger. When it is connected to your trailer, there will be a certain amount of weight falling on your trailer hook, which actually falls to the back of your trailer. This weight is called the Tongue Weight, which is usually 10-15% of the total weight of your RV (including the load at the time). If you just use a normal trailer hitch, when the weight is pressed against the back of your trailer, the back of your trailer will be pressed against the rear wheel, while the front wheel will be lifted. Your vehicle will be unable to travel and is very dangerous. To avoid this, use a special trailer hitch, the Weight Distribution Hitch. This hook seems simple, but it cleverly benefits the physics principle. It can automatically distribute the weight on the trailer to the four wheels of the power car, keeping your power level and driving safely.

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