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Necessary Safety Accessories For Hauling RV 2

May. 21, 2019

As a Trailer Electric Brake Supplier, we continue to share with you what are the necessary safety accessories for towing a RV.

Trailer brake controller

In general, all Trailer Trailers are equipped with an electric brake system (legal requirements must be configured for trailers over a certain weight). Since most RV users use their own pickups or SUVs as power cars, how to connect this brake system to your car configuration requires a Brake controller.

Trailer Drum Brakes

There are currently two types of brake controllers for RVs, one is the old-fashioned time-delayed brake controller; the other is the new type of synchronous brake controller; The brake controller is very cheap and can be bought for about $20-$30. Synchronous analog brake controllers, around $50-$300. Due to the general performance of the time-delay brake controller, it is already a phase-out product, so we will not introduce more. Synchronous analog brake controllers are divided into wired and wireless. The former is cheaper, but it needs to be connected. If it is a pickup, it usually has a reserved socket, which can be easily connected. If it is an ordinary SUV, it is relatively troublesome. It is recommended to use wireless directly. Synchronous analog brake controller built a more sensitive inertial sensor, real-time monitoring of the deceleration of the power car, and synchronous control of the trailer's electric brakes, so that the trailer can also be almost synchronized brakes. Depending on the weight of the trailer, the strength of the electric brake can also be adjusted in advance.

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