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Knowledge About The Self-propelled B-type Motorhome!

May. 31, 2019

We all know that self-propelled motorhome are divided into self-propelled A, B, and C types. These three types can be said to have their own strengths. The B-type car is the car main engine factory that builds the complete light passenger car body. The RV factory designs and manufactures the interior part of the RV in a compact space.

Under the premise of retaining the integrity of the vehicle and excellent driving performance, the RV is designed and manufactured on the basis of not losing the performance of the passenger car.

Take the car as the primary starting point, emphasizing the handling, safety, comfort, passability of the vehicle, and the open car. As a Trailer Electric Brake Supplier, let's share with you the advantages of the B-type RV.

1. Relatively affordable price. The self-propelled B-type RV is more affordable and has a wider audience.

2. Small size and wide application range. Roads, garages, campsites, private driveways, wherever ordinary cars can pass, self-propelled B-type RVs are fine.

3. Fuel economy. Most Type B RVs can travel 20 miles per gallon (12 liters of oil per kilometer), similar to the fuel consumption of large and medium-sized SUVs and minivans. If you want to buy an economical fuel-efficient car, then the self-propelled B-type car is the best choice.

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4. Can be used as a regular car. Because the B-type car is small and fuel-efficient, it won't be idle at home like the A or C.

5. Easy to drive. For drivers of small open cars, driving a large car is difficult. In addition, some countries and regions have a driver's license that is graded, driving a large car with a large car driver's license. Driving a self-propelled B-type motorhome is the same as driving a regular truck.

6. Camping is more convenient. Because the self-propelled B-type RV does not have as much storage space as the A-line and C-type RVs, it limits the number of items that can be carried. Streamline the burden from another angle and simplify travel.

7. Closer to nature. Because the self-propelled B-type RV has a small space inside, it can only provide accommodation and simple dining, which makes it easier for you to get out of the car and get close to nature. This is also an important reason to choose to buy a self-propelled B-type motorhome.

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