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Why does the Brake respond slowly?

Jan. 09, 2020

Why the Trailer Disc Brake is slow to respond, there are probably the following aspects:

(1) The pedal is too far away.

(2) There is too little brake fluid in the master cylinder, or the holes are blocked by impurities, and the master cylinder parts are swelled and even deformed or stepped over.

(3) The brake master cylinder parts are so worn that they cause loose oil leakage, the oil return valve is not sealed well, and the tension spring of the oil outlet valve is broken.

(4) The brake pump parts are swelled and swollen, and the pistons are blocked, and the live parts of the pump are severely worn, causing loose connections and oil leakage.

(5) The brake shoe wears a lot, the brake clearance is large or the clearance is not installed well.

(6) The brake drum is not round, causing grooving or abrasion, the outside of the brake shoe is stained with oil, the burnt becomes very hard, and the rivets are relatively obvious.

(7) There is oxygen in the brake system or the temperature inside the brake is too high, and the brake fluid in the pipeline is vaporized, causing air blocking.

(8) The tubing is not round, the connection is not tight, the oil leaks, the hose is aging, broken or blocked by impurities.

Trailer Disc Brake

Trailer Disc Brake

As a Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper Supplier, let me share with you what are the problems with brakes?

The brake is one of the most important components in the car. Without the brake, we may not be able to complete the parking. However, many people who have driven the car will encounter a situation where the car runs to one side when braking. Let's analyze it from the perspective of the brake.

The reasons that may cause this situation are:

1. The gap between the wheel brake drum and the friction plate is different, and the touch areas of the two front wheel friction plates are too different.

2. The piston of the cylinder on one side of the wheel conflicts with the cylinder too much, there is air on the cylinder of the front wheel on one side, the hose is aging or the cylinder of the cylinder is bad, or the brake drum on one side of the wheel is out of round.

3. The degree of wear of the wheel brake shoe support pin migraine sleeve is different.

4. Frame deformation, front axle displacement, unsuitable front tow, loose steering organization, and elasticity of the two front steel plate springs.

After the problem occurs, the maintenance sequence: first test the brakes on the road; check whether the brake pipe of the wheel is leaking oil, whether the tire pressure is sufficient; the gap between the high-speed friction pads and the brake drum; check whether the pump has entered the air; remove For brake drums, check the brake components one by one for reasons; you should check the skills and steering organization of the frame or front axle.

Have you learned more about this situation now? Brake manufacturers remind you that if there is a problem with the car, you must perform maintenance in a timely manner, and do n’t be lucky.

Now more and more people choose to choose Trailer Disc Brake Caliper in family cars. The brakes are related to the safety of the family's life. Everyone is careful about the choice of the producer, but many people don't understand the disc brake. In fact, the structure of the disc maker is a bit more complicated and the operation is sensitive.