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Why Do Trailers Need a Brake?

Mar. 29, 2019

Brakes are the key equipment for safety trailers.

Before using a trailer, you need to buy a lot of accessories. One of the important accessory products is the trailer brake, which automatically applies a brake to your trailer when you step on the vehicle brake.

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Trailer brake controllers can be divided into two categories: proportional controllers and delay controllers.

The proportional controller uses sensors to determine the deceleration of the towing vehicle while braking. Then calculate the appropriate force for the trailer brake to slow the tractor and trailer at the same rate. The proportional controller provides a more gradual progressive braking feel through the trailer and performs better under heavy braking events.

The delay controller is much simpler. These controllers detect when the brakes in the trailer are engaged and then send a signal to the trailer to apply the brakes. They allow the user to set brake force values and time delay values based on trailer weight, road conditions and many other factors.

In general, proportional controllers are superior to delay controllers. The brake and delay values are automatically changed, they perform better in emergency braking events and ensure uniform wear between the trailer brake and the tractor brake. If you find yourself trailers often, you will want to choose a proportional controller. If you only occasionally trailer, the time delay brake controller should be suitable.

Why Do Trailers Need a Brake?cid=2

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