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What Are The Factors That Cause The Trailer Mechanical Brake noise?

Mar. 20, 2019

The brakes refer to the brakes. The brakes used in different vehicle brakes are different. Some wear and tear will occur during use, and sometimes noise will occur. As a company that produces Trailer Mechanical Brake , Yingtu analyzes what factors the brake produces noise.

Friction plate damage

If the rivet head of the riveted friction plate is worn, or the material of the bonded friction plate fails, the friction plate can be detached, and then the metal will directly contact between the brakes, and the rotor will be scratched by the metal particles. They not only affect the braking distance, but also cause great damage to the transfer surface. In order to eliminate the above failure, the new friction plate should be replaced first and then the damaged rotor surface.

2. Trailer Brake Caliper is not in the middle

When the brake caliper is misaligned, the brake disc may be scratched by metal particles. Every part should be carefully inspected during maintenance. If damaged or worn parts are found, they should be replaced in time. If the caliper mounting ears are not flat, severely damaged, and the guide surface is worn, it should be replaced.

3. Trailer Brake Caliper and brake disc edges are rusted and muddy

If these problems are found during the inspection, the parts should be cleaned and derusted. If the rust surface has affected the normal operation of the brake calipers and brake discs, they must be replaced.

4. Loose bearing ring

If the bearing ring is found to be loose, repairs and necessary adjustments should be made.

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