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Galvanized Cast Iron Trailer Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper

Trailer Brakes

Hydraulic Trailer Brakes

Trailer Disc Brakes

1400 KG (15”/16” WHEEL)

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

1600 KG (13”/14” WHEEL)

Trailer Disc Brake Caliper

Hydraulic Disc Caliper

Hydraulic Brake Caliper


The galvanized trailer hydraulic disc brake caliper is made from cast iron, has a phenolic piston and two pieces of non-asbestos semi-metal brake pads. Having excellent anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and anti-wear performance. This trailer hydraulic disc brakes fit the hubs / rotors which have 5 x 4.25” PCD, 5x 4.5” PCD, 5 x 4.75” PCD or 6 x 139.7mm PCD, they suitable for installations where more than one axle is used. This trailer hydraulic brake caliper applies to boat trailers, caravans, car trailers and box trailers. The hydraulic brake caliper is easy to install, it can replace the AL-KO hydraulic calipers.


l  Used with IQ7 or hydraulic over ride couplings (the load weights exceeding 2000 kg).

l  Requirement of disc hubs and rotors: Thicknesses from 12 mm to 15 mm.

l  Galvanized coated can prevent the corrosion of seawater.

l  Mounting bolts, spring washers and pads are included. Quick and easy installation.

l  This hydraulic disc brake calipers exchange with AL-KO and Trojan MK7 calipers, but have different appearance.


Ø  Axle Capability: 1400 kg (15”/16” wheel), 1600 kg (13”/14” wheel)       

Ø  Mounting Bolts:  12mm H.T. x 45mm

Ø  Bolt Spacings: 88.9mm (3.5”)

Ø  Recommended operating pressure: 6.9 mpa (1000psi)

Product Composition

²  Non-asbestos semi-metal brake pads x 2

²  Galvanized Cast Iron Brake Caliper Body x 1

²  Bleed Screw x 1

²  Phenolic Resin Piston x 1

²  Piston Seal x 1

²  Piston Dust Boot x 1

²  Slide Pin Kit x 1

²  Slide Dust Boot x 2