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Galvanized Trailer Mechanical Disc Brake Caliper

Trailer Brake Calipers

Light Duty

Mechanical Disc Brake Calipers

1000 KG (15”/16” WHEEL)

Trailer Mechanical Brake Caliper

1300 KG (13”/14” WHEEL)

Mechanical Disc Brakes

Trailer Disc Brakes

Boat Trailer Mechanical Disc Brake

Forward Pull


The trailer mechanical disc brake calipers have two configurations, forwarder pull and centre pull. The forward pull is used on beam axle, and the centre pull is used on independent rubber suspension.

These trailer mechanical disc brakes are designed to suit the toughest marine environment, regularly for boat trailers. These light duty forward pull trailer brake calipers are easy to cooling and washed after dunked in corrosive salt water. This trailer mechanical brake caliper is hot dip galvanized cast iron caliper body with two pieces non-asbestos semi-metal brake pads, dacromet coated and stainless steel are available. The bushes, springs and bolts etc. are made from stainless steel.


l  Requirement of disc hubs and rotors: Thicknesses from 12 mm to 15 mm.

l  Galvanized coated and stainless steel accessories can prevent the corrosion of seawater.

l  Mounting bolts and pads are included. Quick and easy installation.

l  Mechanical Disc Brakes are more affordable than hydraulic disc brakes.

l  This mechanical disc brake calipers exchange with AL-KO calipers.


Ø  Axle Capability: 1000 kg (15”/16” wheel), 1300 kg (13”/14” wheel)       

Ø  Mounting Bolts:  7/16 UNF

Ø  Bolt Spacings: 88.9mm (3.5”)

Ø  Max cable pull input: 200 kg

Product Composition

²  Non-asbestos semi-metal brake pads x 2

²  Galvanized Cast Iron Brake Caliper Body x 1

²  Inner & Outer Bushes x 2

²  Return Spring x 1

²  Straight Lever x 1