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How To Choose Trailer Disc Rotors

Mar. 15, 2019

Trailer Disc Rotors are divided into physical brake discs and ventilated discs. The physical brake disc is a metal disc for braking and has no special construction. Ventilation discs are divided into two types, namely, a scribing disc and an opening disc.

Brake discs are classified into carbon fiber ceramic brake discs and metal brake discs according to different materials. However, due to the high manufacturing cost of carbon fiber ceramic brake discs and the poor braking force at low temperatures, although they have excellent heat decay resistance, they still Not used by most vehicles. As a company that produces Trailer Disc Brake Parts, let us give you a brief introduction to the issues you should be aware of when purchasing brake discs.

Trailer Disc Rotors

The most important thing is to see whether the brake disc product packaging integrity, anti-counterfeiting mark and packaging mark are consistent with the mark on the brake disc, and whether the product model matches the content of the certificate. The brake discs produced by regular manufacturers are relatively clear in packaging and printing. There are license numbers and implementation standards. The package has a certificate of conformity, production batch number and production date. The use of reliable brake discs guarantees a service life of 80-120 thousand kilometers. If a counterfeit or inferior brake disc is used, braking performance can be generated in a short period of time. However, for long-term use, the brake disc is easily deformed by the high temperature generated by friction, which reduces the braking effect and ultimately affects the driving safety.

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