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About The RV, You Must Know Three Things

Mar. 11, 2019

As a company that produces Electric Backing Plate, Yingtu comes to talk about three key points you must know about towing a RV.

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1. The advantage of trailer-mounted motorhome

In the European and American RV market, trailer-type RVs account for a large proportion of RV sales. The most common campsites in Europe and America are self-propelled A-RV and trailer-mounted RVs. The reason is simple, because their space is much bigger and more like a home. Compared with the self-propelled motorhome, the advantage of the towed RV in the campsite is obvious.

2. Trailing RV brake system

There are two types of RV brake systems: synchronous brakes and active brakes.

Mechanical inertia brakes - European caravans mostly belong to this type of braking mode. The inertia generated by the tractor's braking during the running of the vehicle acts on the hydraulic sensing device, thus driving the brake system to actively brake. Effectively reduce the impact of the towed RV on the tractor.

Electromagnetically controlled brakes - Most of the current electromagnetically controlled brakes are American-style motorhomes. It is understood that the electronically controlled brakes are generally used for towed RVs with large volume and heavy weight. The benefit of this configuration is to control the brakes more effectively and allow the vehicle to stop safely.

3. Trailer-mounted motorhome driving safety

The two most important points in the traction trailer-type RV are basic common sense and the ability to adjust the driving of the vehicle. In other words, when towing a towed RV, all movements are carried out at half the speed of a trailer without a towed car. When turning, be careful to slow down. When accelerating, slow down more. Leave yourself enough braking distance when braking. Everything is based on safety.

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