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Routine Maintenance of The Trailer

Aug. 08, 2019

In the modern era, trailers have been widely used, especially in the logistics and transportation industry, and only reasonable maintenance can make their transportation smoother.

When the temperature changes too much, special attention should be paid to the tire part. Regularly check the body for damage, the body should be coated with wax or glazing, in order to avoid rainwater corrosion of the body surface, regular maintenance is required. Under normal circumstances, the trailer is better maintained. It is semi-annual maintenance of the turntable. Regular maintenance of the Trailer Disc Brake, irregular tightening of the hub, regular cleaning, and occasional cleaning of the oil on the screw.

Electric Drum Brakes

Electric Drum Brakes

Hydraulic Brake Caliper Manufacturer recommends that the tractor be pulled out and covered with a canopy for long periods of time, otherwise, it will be easily damaged. If the tire is worn out during the use of the trailer, it needs to be stopped immediately.

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