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It is Very Important to Install Insurance for RV

Aug. 01, 2019

When the trailer-mounted RV is on the road, it is important to ensure that the chassis of the RV is securely connected to the towing vehicle. The total weight of the trailer-mounted RV chassis cannot exceed 85% of the weight of the towing vehicle. The connection device is firmly connected or not. Safety is paramount. To this end, the Hydraulic Brake Caliper Manufacturer has designed a variety of devices on the connection to ensure safety.

The RV chassis and the tractor are connected by a tow ball. Currently, the tow ball used mainly includes two types. One is the European-style tow ball, and the other is the American-style tow ball. The European-style tow ball is relatively simple in structure, but the design is relatively delicate. The diameter of the ball is about 50 mm. It is attached to the fixed bracket behind the tractor and cannot be disassembled. The structure of the American tow ball is relatively complicated. Both the seat and the trailer frame can be removed.

Hydraulic Trailer Brakes

For any tow connection, it is equipped with a metal rope, also known as "trail-up insurance." Although this insurance does not seem to be eye-catching, it is an important facility to ensure that the towing device and the connecting ball will remain connected after accidentally falling off, which has an irreplaceable role.

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