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Do you know why the Trailer Brake Caliper failed to brake again?

Dec. 11, 2019

The brake is a necessary part of the machine, and its main function is to control the operation of the machine. A common application in life is automotive equipment. However, some people report that the Trailer Brake Caliper brakes often fail as the machine is used longer. This is a particularly dangerous thing. Why does this happen? After research, it is probably due to the following two reasons:

Trailer Brake Caliper

Trailer Brake Caliper

(1) Improper adjustment of the control mechanism. After the braking force is applied, the brake cam of the drum brake does not rotate in place, and the opening angle of the brake shoe is not large enough to press the friction plate against the inner surface of the brake drum, causing brake failure.

(2) The friction plate is worn. Because the brake is used for a long time, especially during the continuous downhill, the surface temperature of the friction plate will rise, and ablation, aging or severe wear will occur, which will greatly reduce the friction coefficient and affect braking performance.

As a Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper Supplier, we remind you once again that after the brake malfunctions, you must check and repair in time.

When the car is driving, it wants to play a braking role, relying on the external force in the opposite direction of the car, and the magnitude of the an external force is randomly and uncontrollable, so the car needs to be equipped with a brake.

A car braking system refers to the installation of a special braking mechanism on the car in order to technically ensure the safe driving of the car and increase the average speed of the car. Generally, the braking system of automobile includes two sets of independent devices: driving brake device and parking brake device. The service brake is operated by the driver's foot, and the parking brake device is operated by the hand.

The function of the service brake is to slow down a moving car or stop it within a short distance. The function of the parking brake is to keep cars that have been parked on various roads. However, sometimes in emergency situations, two types of braking devices can be used simultaneously to increase the effect of automobile braking.

What's wrong with the brakes

The brake is one of the most important components in the car. Without the brake, we may not be able to complete the parking. However, many people who have driven the car will encounter a situation where the car runs to one side when braking. Let's analyze it from the perspective of the brake.

The reasons that may cause this situation are:

1. The gap between the wheel brake drum and the friction plate is different, and the touch areas of the two front wheel friction plates are too different.

2. The piston of the cylinder on one side of the wheel conflicts with the cylinder too much, there is air on the cylinder of the front wheel on one side, the hose is aging or the cylinder of the cylinder is bad, or the brake drum on one side of the wheel is out of round.

3. The degree of wear of the wheel brake shoe support pin migraine sleeve is different.

4. Frame deformation, front axle displacement, unsuitable front tow, loose steering organization, and elasticity of the two front steel plate springs.

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