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12" x 2" Trailer Hydraulic Uni-Servo Brake Assembly - Dacromet / Galvanized Coated

Hydraulic Drum Brake Assembly

12 x 2 inch Drum

Trailer Hydraulic Brakes

5200 lb, 6000 lb, 7000 lb

Hydraulic Backing Plate


12" Trailer Brake Assembly

Manual Adjustment


The 12 inch trailer hydraulic brakes fit 14 1/2” to 16 ½” wheels. The mounting flange is 5-bolt pattern. This 12 inch trailer brake has marine -grade (galvanized or dacromet coated) steel, it offers superior corrosion resistance. Trailer hydraulic uni-servo brake wholesaler recommend these to customers who want to replace the boat trailer brakes of 5.2k lbs, 6k lbs or 7k lbs axle.


l  Designed for use with surge-type trailer brake actuators.

l  Dacromet / Galvanized coated offers the best value of protection for salt water applications.

l  Uni-Servo brakes have 15 - 20 percent braking in reverse.

l  Periodic manual adjustment required.

l  This brakes exchange with most quality hydraulic brakes, such as Dexter, Demco, Hayes, etrailer, LCL etc.


Ø  Dimension: 12 inch x 2 inch          

Ø  Axle Capability: 5200 lbs, 6000 lbs, 7000 lbs Axle (14.5", 15", 16" and 16.5"Wheel)    

Ø  Mounting Flange Bolt Pattern: 5 bolt

Ø  Brake Fit: Left Hand / Driver Side / LH, Right Hand / Passenger Side / RH

Product Composition

²  12” x 2" Riveted Uni-Servo Brake Shoe Kit x 1

²  Dacromet / Galvanized Back Plate x 1

²  Single-Servo Aluminum Wheel Cylinder x 1

²  Stainless Steel Springs x 2