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10" x 2 1/4" Trailer Galvanized Electric Brake Assembly


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3.5k trailer brake assembly has many types of brakes to choose. Obviously, the galvanized trailer electric brake is a non-regret decision. Galvanized trailer backing plates ensure a perfect corrosion resistant. The brake shoes are galvanized and riveted so that brake shoes will not be corrode till the friction materials has already run out. Springs and adjuster is stainless steel. This kind of trailer brake assemblies are expensive, but they are worth it.


l  All parts are designed to resist corrosion.

l  trailer electric drum brakes are easy to install and control.

l  Needs only an electric brake controller to work.

l  No need actuator or hydraulic lines.

l  Trailer electric backing plate are galvanized.

l  Periodic manual adjustment required.

l  Brake mounting bolts are included.

l  Galvanized Electric brake assembly can exchange with most 3500 trailer axles, including Dexter, AL-KO, Hayes, Lippert and many others.


Ø  Dimension: 10 inch x 2 1/4 inch                       

Ø  Axle Capability: 3500 lbs Axle           

Ø  Mounting Flange Bolt Pattern: 4 bolts

Ø  Brake Fit: Left Hand / Driver Side / LH, Right Hand / Passenger Side / RH

Product Composition

Ø  10” x 2 1/4" Brake Shoe Set x 1

Ø  Hot dipped Backing Plate x 1

Ø  Green Wire Magnet x 1

Ø  Magnet Lever x 1

Ø  Stainless Steel Springs x 2

Ø  Stainless Steel Adjuster x 1